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Lead Acetate

vomiting, stomach, treatment, pain and white

LEAD ACETATE and CHROMATE (also BARIUM COMPOUNDS).— Eflects : Inflammation of the stomach and intestines, vomiting of white matter, and diarrhoea, with black stools. In some cases, however, constipa tion may occur instead of diarrhoea, There are violent colicky pains, profuse perspiration, great weakness, pain in the limbs, small and irregular pulse, headache, vertigo, and paralysis of the extremities The foul taste of the metal, and the greyish-white discoloration of the mucous membranes of mouth and throat, are important aids in establishing a diagnosis. Antidotes and Treatment : The antidote is half an ounce of Epsom salts or half a drachm of diluted sulphuric acid. Before administering tins, the stomach should be washed out, or the antidote may be added to the water used for that purpose. Demulcent drinks, milk, etc., should be given freely. If choleriform spasms be present, a hot poultice is grateful. For the symptoms and treatment of chronic lead-poisoning, see the article on lead-poisoning in the general vocabulary.

LIME, CHLORINATED.—Effects : Violent inflammation of the stomach and intestine, with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea_ If not immediately counteracted, it may cause gangrene and perforation of the stomach. dotes and Treatment : Give white of eggs, oil, milk, or flour and water, and use opium and alcoholic stimulants in moderation.

LOBELIA.—Ellects : Muscular weakness, nausea, vomiting, difficulty of breathing, cold and clammy skin, and temperature below the normal. if the dose has been large, death may occur, preceded by collapse or convulsive seizures. A dose of sixty grains has been known to cause death. Antidotes

and Treatment : Apply heat externally, administer stimulants, such as ammonia, to aid circulation, and allay pain and vomiting by small doses of opium. In some cases the patient fails to vomit, and in such instances vomiting must be induced, and astringents given later.


MERCURY-COMPOUNDS.—Egects : An unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth and a burning pain in the throat are the earliest symptoms. The tongue is swollen and greyish, and there is retching and vomiting of white, sometimes bloody, matter. The stools become first watery, later bloody, and are passed with painful frequency ; their smell is most offensive. There is violent inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and suppression of urine by involvement of the kidneys ; great abdominal pains prevail. The pulse is rapid (up to 150 per minute), but feeble, and the temperature becomes very low. Antidotes and Treatment : As soon as possible after the poison has been swal owed, and the stomach emptied, administer the antidote, a large quantity of white of eggs, which forms an insoluble compound with the substance ingested. The pain and excessive vomiting may be allayed by doses of opium, and the temperature should be maintained by warm blankets, hot water bottles, etc. When the danger is passed, administer Rochelle salts or Epsom salts to eliminate the insoluble mercury compound remaining in the alimentary canal.