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OXALIC-ACID POISONING.—This may arise from taking the drug in mistake for another or from homicidal mania. For effect, etc., see TILE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 746, 1059.

Treatment.—Give water mixtures of chalk or magnesia, or lime-water alone or mixed with milk, as antidotes, followed by full dose of castor-oil ; send for a physician ; empty the stomach by an emetic or with the stomach-pump. Where collapse is present apply heat externally, and give stimulants and oxygen.

OZENA.--Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose accompanied by a foetid discharge, sometimes due to diseased bone.

Treatment.—Remove the foetid discharge by daily douches of warm salt water-4 pint to each douche. In local treatment the following has been used with success : Ichthyol, 40 minims ; menthol, 5 grains ; lanum, t ounce. Before using, wash out the nares with a 5-per-cent. solution of hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of sodium chloride. On retiring for the night insert in the nostril affected a lump of ointment as large as a pea.

PARALYSIS.—Loss or diminution of the power of voluntary motion, as from disease or injury to the nervous system. For causes, description,

symptoms, and constitutional treatment, see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 200, 270, 2S3-2S7, 428, 771-772, 871, 1019.

Treatment.—In the absence of a physician keep the patient absolutely quiet ; apply cold to the head and heat to the feet as by a hot foot-bath. Secure immediately the evacuation of the bowels by a quick purgative, or by an enema. If merely faintness is present, give a little brandy-and-watcr or aromatic spirits of ammonia now and again to overcome the resultant shock.

In cases where the lower limbs are paralysed and the upper part of the body remains in a normal state, the condition is due to disease or to injury to the spinal cord.

Premonitory symptoms of this disease may be hyperesthesia of the skin and a sensation as if insects were creeping over it. When these symptoms are observed medical examination should be made. See also AmAtntosis ; BRAIN, PARALYSIS OF.

In hemiplegia and penaplegia the treatment is only palliative, but should include rest, phosphorus, strychnine, and the electrical current.