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treatment, water and ounce

PHYSICIAN, page 1°39.

Treatment. --The injection of a cold infusion of r ounce of quassia to pint of water, or of a cold solution of drachm of sodium chloride in pint of water, will abolish pinworms (see also Wonms).

PLEURISY.—Inflammation of the serous membrane that invests the lungs. For causes, description, symptoms, and diagnosis, see THE ANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 791-792.

Treatment.—Where the pain is intense apply a mustard plaster, warm poultice, or fly-blister, or an ice-bag if preferred. Relief may be given by controlling the movements of the affected side by adhesive plaster. Leeches may be necessary. A physician should be at once consulted. Sustain bodily strength by giving a copious milk diet consisting of gruels. tapioca, sago, or arrowroot.

ln chronic pleurisy, an operation may be required. Approved health resorts are Colorado Springs, I)avos-Platz, 'Montreux, and \\lessen.

PNEUMONIA.—Inflammation of the lungs. For causes, description,

diagnosis, and constitutional treatment, see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 61S-62r.

Treatment.—Until the physician arrives the application of a fly-blister or a mustard or linseed poultice over the inflamed area may bring reliol. Sustain the strength with liquid nutritious food, and pay close attention to the evacuation of the bowels. The physical condition of the patient only can determine the remaining treatment which he may have to undergo. At tile onset clear out the bowels with calomel, grain, for six doses, followed by ounce of Epsom salts. Diet should consist of milk. broths, and jellies. There must be plenty of fresh air in the room. Should there be heart failure, stimulants to the amount of an ounce of whisky in water every four hours ma v be demanded. Further treatment and stimulation must be given by a physician.