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Polypi Nose

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NOSE, POLYPI IN.—A polypus is a pedunculate tumour which arises from the mucous membrane and projects into the natural cavity, as in the nose or womb. From the character of these growths, it will be seen that they can be treated properly only by a physician or surgeon.

NOSE-BLEEDING.—For causcs, description, etc., see TIIE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 6o2-6o3.

Treatment.—A piece of paper rolled up tightly and placed under the upper lip will often stop the bleeding. In addition, snuff into the nostrils powdered alum dissolved in water, :I, teaspoonful to a glass of water ; also, hold the head backward and press a fingcr against the side of the nose from which the blood is flowing. Relief is often obtained by placing a cloth wrung out of hot water on the back of the neck. Or the bleeding may be checked by placing a hot-water bottle to the feet and placing a napkin wrung out of cold water over the nose and forehead and holding the hands in cold water in the meantime. Plugging of the posterior pares can only be performed by a medical man.

OBESITY.—For causes, diagnosis, symptoms, etc., see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 726-729.

Treatment. —Persons suffering from excess of flesh are warned against the indiscriminate use of the many nostrums widely advertised to remove this, some of which are useless, and others dangerous. Careful dieting under a

physician's advice and exercising judiciously will often produce the desired reduction. Some persons advocate the use of rubber garments, which it is claimed induce perspiration that may be removed in the bath. These garments have been used also in cederna from Bright's disease, and good results secured, and in the training of athletes and jockeys.

OPIUM POISONING.—This may be deliberate, with suicidal intent, or may arise from the taking of an overdose of a pain-allaying or sleep-producing povvder or mixture. For effects, etc., see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 74o-741, io59.

Treatment.—Give a strong emetic at once ; empty the stomach. Send for a physician. Give antidotes ; potassium permanganate, warm coffee, warm drinks. Rouse patient, and dash cold water on face. Resort to artificial respiration, and keep in constant motion. The physiciAn will give hypodermic injections.