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Salt-Water Bath

temperature, oil and sand

SALT-WATER BATH, ARTIFICIAL.—A substitute for a sea-bath may be prepared by adding from three to six pounds of sea-salt to a warm body-bath of a temperature of about 65° F. For children a smaller quantity of salt is used. The bath may last for from six minutes to half an hour, and after the bath half an hour's rest in bed should he taken. The salt of the bath does not enter the body, but acts as a stimulant on the skin. Such baths are useful in many diseases, notably in scrofula, general debility, and in certain female disorders.


SANDALWOOD.—The fragrant wood of an evergreen Indian tree, the Santalum album. It contains a sweet-smelling, yellowish oil, which has a burning taste and is somewhat irritating. The oil is used for its stimulating effect on mucous membranes in late stages of gonorrhoea and in bronchitis and asthma. The dose of the oil is five to ten drops, usually given in capsules.

SAND-BATH.—Such a bath should preferably be taken in a wooden tub. The sand is heated in large pans, care being taken that its temperature does not exceed go° F., in order that it may not burn the body of the bather. A

thick layer of sand is then spread upon the bottom of the tub, and the bather, resting on this layer, is then thinly covered with sand, the chest, however, remaining uncovered. A blanket is thereupon spread over the tub. The patient must remain quietly in the bath until at least fifteen minutes after perspiration has begun. Ile is then taken out and given a cleansing bath of a temperature of about 75° F. In some cases the bath is followed by dry packs and massage. A cold sponge or towel should be applied to the patient's head while in the sand-bath.

These baths must not be given to patients suffering from cerebral or spinal diseases nor to individuals with weak respiratory organs or calcified blood vessels. The heart, also, must he quite sound. Sand-baths are indicated in rheumatism, gout, lumbago, kidney-diseases, and in female affections.