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Scabies the

ointment, patient and treatment

SCABIES (THE ITCH).A skin-disease. For causes, diagnosis, con stitutional treatment, etc., see THE STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages 853-854.

Treatment.Dr. Huntington, of the United States Navy, gives the follow ing treatment : The patient is directed to take a warm bath lasting about half an hour, during which time the infected areas are to be gently scrubbed with Sapolio and a hand-brush. Green soap and chalk or powdered pumice may be used for this purpose, but he has found Sapolio convenient and eminently satisfactory in opening the burrows to expose the parasites. Sulphur oint ment is the best parasiticide, and he uses it alone, or combined with the balsam of Peru, the amount of the balsam being in direct proportion to the severity of the dermatitis, or inflammation of the skin. The patient is directed to rub in the ointment very thoroughly, night and morning, for three or four days, which is the time necessary to cure the ordinary case. He should then take another warm bath and put on clean clothing throughout. This clean clothing should have been previously sterilised as a precaution against reinfection. If the dermatitis is not already cured by the removal of its cause, it will now readily yield to the application of any bland ointment or dusting-powder.

To prevent re-infection of the patient and the infection of others, all clothing and bedding used by the patient during the time of his infection and treatment must be disinfected. This is best accomplished by boiling such articles as will not be injured thereby, and subjecting the remainder to sterilisation by dry heat.

The place of sulphur and balsam of Peru may be taken by thymol, To parts ; sulphur ointment, 15 parts ; zinc-oxide ointment, 5o parts ; wool-fat, enough to make ioo parts. This should be used freely thrice daily, and is especially adapted for children and women and when delicate regions are in volved.

If there should be objection to ointment and when the infection is slight and only recent, use : .1Ienthol, 5 parts ; thymol, ro parts ; alcohol, Ioo parts. Or menthol, 5 parts ; thymol, Hi parts ; ether, 2o parts ; alcohol, So parts. Either of these lotions should be used three times a day, for short periods. ,Ilenthol may be omitted, and should be added only when the itching is sex-ere.