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SMALLPDX (VARIOLA).—An active, eruptive, contagious, febrile disease followed by pitting, with an incubation period of twelve to fourteen days.

For causes, description, symptoms, diagnosis, and constitutional treatment, see THE. STANDARD PHYSICIAN, pages tout)-tooti.

Treatment.—In a case cif smallpox the attending physician should immediately notifv the authorities, as failure to (I() so is a misdemeanour. Vaccination is the most effective measure for the protection ot the individual against this disease. The patient should be quarantined at once, and placed on a soft bed in a room that is \veil ventilated hut darkened. His diet should consist of light foods, as milk, soups, and broths.

The patient's skin should be sponged daily with lukewarm water, and his mouth washed out with some safe disinfectant as a solution of boric acid (2 per cent.), Glycothymoline, or potassium chloride, a 3 'ill 5-per-cent. aqueous solution. \\len great prostration is present, recourse must be had to stimu lants. In the presence of delirium, great care must be exercised in watching the patient, and it may be necessary to give a sedative (sodium bromide, 5 drachms ; syrup of orange, 2 ounces ; water, to make 4 ounces. Dose,

dessertspoonful every three hours, or oftener if required).

Pitting may be in great measure prevented by constantly applying cold or tepid compresses of weak carbolic (a 2-per-cent. aqueous solution) or boracic acid to the face and eves ; or by anointing the entire body with iclithyol, ounce ; lanum, 5 ounces ; cold-cream, 4 ounces. This preparation should be rubbed in well once or twice a day. To relieve, the itching attendant on the drying up of the pustules, apply oil or vaseline. Should any complications arise, it is best to act on the advice of a physician. It is absolutely necessary to use disinfectants constantly in the sick-room, and every article used by the patient (luring his illness should be burned immediately after his recovery, SNAKE-BITES.—For description, effect, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment, See TIIE STANDARD PllYSICIAN, pages 893-Soo. Cauterisation of the tissue is recommended by some physicians. In recent years anti venom serums have been used with advantage,