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Sweet Spirit of Nitre Spiritus Ethers

swimming, bath and continued

SWEET SPIRIT OF NITRE (SPIRITUS 'ETHER'S NITROSI).—, solution of ethyl nitrite in alcohol. It is a volatile, inflammable liquid, of a yellowish colour, and with the odour and burning taste of ether. It is used as an antispasmodic, and for the purposes of increasing the excretions of sweat and urine. It stimulates the stomach, and is highly efficacious in relieving nausea. The dose is from thirty drops to a teaspoonful, occasionally more.

SWIMMING.—This is an excellent form of exercise, and has a beneficial effect upon various physiological processes. It increases the bodily strength and agility, regulates circulation, promotes metabolism, and cleanses the body. In spite of its great hygienic value, however, certain precautions must be observed when swimming. This is particularly necessary when instructing children. Some persons turn blue after a brief exposure to the water, complain of palpitation of the heart and of difficulty in breathing, and cannot get warm for several hours after dressing. If swimming he

continued after such circumstances, the bather becomes weak and anmmic within a few weeks ; whereas he gill soon recover if he stops swimming for some time.

Delicate children should not be allowed to indulge in too much bathing and swimming, especially during cool summers. The first bath should be of very short duration in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure of strength.

Instruction in swimming should preferably be begun when the weather is moderately warm, and the child should be carefully watched to see how the novel exercise affects it. If the swimmer reacts well after the bath, and does not complain of palpitation nor of excessive fatigue, the instruction may be continued with safety. Great appetite after a bath is a sure sign that it has been beneficial. Adults who have kidney troubles, or who have recently recovered from appendicitis, should refrain from swimming.