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or Atropine Belladonna

treatment, patient and antidotes

BELLADONNA, or ATROPINE (also HYOSCYAMUS, STRAMONIUM, and SOLANINE).—Effects : Dryness of the throat, pain on swallowing, and dilata tion of the pupils. The face is often flushed, with white patches on the nose and at the corners of the mouth ; the temperature becomes higher, the skin hot and dry, delirium may be present, and, in some cases, the patient may see double. An eruption resembling that of scarlatina appears, and may be followed by scaling ; breathing is rapid, and so is the pulse. Death rarely occurs, because the poison is gradually eliminated from the body. Antidotes and Treatment : Give an emetic of mustard or of castile-soapsuds, or use the stomach-pump. Administer black coffee or tea by the mouth if the patient be able to swallow, otherwise in an enema. The nervous excitement may be counteracted by morphine or opium. Apply warm poultices to the feet, and give alternate douches of hot and cold water. Stimu lants (whisky or brandy), and ammonia to the nostrils, as well as artificial respiration, are likewise indicated.

BENZINE.—Ellects : This drug acts as a narcotic like chloroform or ether. Antidotes and Treatment : Empty the stomach by a strong emetic (mustard, ipecac, or sulphate of zinc) or by the tube. Let the patient have plenty of

fresh air, and give a hypodermic injection of of a grain of atrophic, or thirty drops of belladonna tincture by mouth. Give alternate douches of hot and cold water, and practise artificial respiration, BROMIDES.—Ellects : Skin-eruptions on the face, gradually spreading down the back until pustules appear. The patient becomes mentally depressed, slow and stupid, unable to evolve ideas or to give expression to thoughts. Digestion suffers, usually giving rise to constipation. Antidotes and Treatment : Stop administering the remedy, and give copious draughts of carbonated waters.

BROMINE.—Effects Violent burning from the mouth down to the abdominal cavity, sometimes accompanied by vomiting or watery stools, and sometimes resulting in corrosion and perforation of the stomach. Death is usually preceded by complete collapse. Antidotes and Treatment : Ammonia water, well diluted, should be administered, together with soothing drinks. The body-heat must be maintained by external means, and opium or morphine administered to allay the severe pains.