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Medication with Specific Action upon Idl Skin

tar, salves, medium, addition, paste and reduction

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MEDICATION WITH SPECIFIC ACTION UPON IDL SKIN Among the medicaments which should be at the disposal of the pediatrist as well as the general practitioner in order to obtain the best results when mixed with salves, plasters, soaps, ete., I wish to mention the following as the most important and most reliable.

I. Zinc oside.—Effect : desiccating, hygroscopic, nonirritating, antiphlogistic, indicated in all exuclating skin catarrhs as a mild, desic cating addition to salves and pastes.

2. Boric acid.—liffect : weak, nonirritating, antiphlogistic and disinfecting astringent.

3. Subnitrate of bismuth.—Desiccating, acting as a cover medium, desquamative, as a mild addition to salves with zinc and boron.

4. Tannic acid.—liffect: hardening, vasculo-astringent, indicated in erythema, after-treatment for hardening eczematous skin.

5. Salicylic acid.—Effect: keratoplastic in small doses, Ircratolytic in large doses. Applied with salves, especially soaps and plasters.

Resorcin.—Strong medium of reduction. Effects desquamation of the superficial epithelial layer, at the same time blood reducing. Applied as a blanching and desquamative medium as an addition to paste in all affections of the sebaceous glands of the skin (in conjunction with sulphur) and in seborrhcca of the hairy part of the head.

7. Pyragallic acid.—Strongest medium of reduction in consequence of its great capacity for reduction; very softening in old infiltrated and lupus areas. Acts as a. specific in psoriasis. (Discoloration of light-colored hair, caution on account of danger of intoxication.) S. Lenigallo1.—Milder and less intoxicating than pyrogallic acid, lighter medium of reduction, acts excellently as an addition to zinc paste in slightly exudating facial eczema.

9. Sulphur.—Either as sulphur precipitaturn, sublimattun or depura tum. Mild medium of reduction, effects loosening and swelling of corneal layers and desquamations; specific effect in folliculitis and furunculosis, affections of the sebaceous glands, etc. For baths, soaps, salves, etc.

10. Ichlayol.—Tteduces congestion, is vasculo-astringent, antiphlo gistic, administered both internally and externally. Indicated in all

vascular dilatations, erythema, erysipelas, etc.

11. Thigenol.—Latterly recommended as a substitute for ichthyol, less odorous.

12: Tamenol.—On thc market under the names of Tumenolum ammoniaturn, T. pulverisaturn and T. venale. Relieves itching very promptly, desiccating, keratoplastie, also heals eczema being practically nonirritating. Application: as tumenol zinc paste (Neisser) 5 per cent. to 20 per cent.; or as tumcnol painting: turnenol 10.0 Gm., diluted spirits of ether, glycerin aa 30.0 Grn.

13. Napldhol.—Antiparasitic, promotes the resorption of infil trates, relieves itching. Excellent desquamative medium (as des qua:nation paste), energetic effect in scabies and prurigo.

14. Tar Preparalions.—In acute and subacute dermatosis, con tracting the vessels, antiphlogistic, relieves itching, antiseptic. The following tar preparations are in use:— (a) Pix liquida (wood tar), as solution with spirits for painting. (bj Oleuni nisei (birch tar).

(c) Oleum cadini (Spanish tar of cedar oil and juniper).

(d) Oleum fagi (beech tar).

(c) The last three as tinctures to be added to salves and pastes, for tar baths. Substitute frequently employed latterly: Lianthral (Beiersdorf's refined coal tar, less irritating than ordinary tar).

(f) Liquor carbonis detergens (light-colored spirit extract of tar) espeeially for application in the face and at the hands as an addition to white salves, for instance precipitate salves in psoriasis.

(g) Anthrasol (fluid, colorless tar oil). Thld effect, as an addition to pastes or salves or for painting if dissolved in one to thirty per cent. alcohol.

(h) Empyroform (almost odorless preparation of tar formalin). Mild tar preparation for paste and salve.

All tar preparations promote the development of comedones and aene, and should therefore not be used in these affections; they should also be avoided in exudative eczema on account of their irritating effect.

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