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N Y Rochester

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ROCHESTER, N. Y., city and county-seat of Monroe County, is situated on Lake Ontario, the Genesee River and the Barge Canal. It is reached by the following railroads: New York Central and Hudson River, West Shore, Lehigh Valley, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania. It has two car ferries to Coburg, Ontario, making round trips daily throughout the year; is an important coal ship ping port and a_point of call for passenger steamers in the Toronto, Kingston, Thousand Islands, Montreal and Quebec trade. It is 228 miles west of Albany. The city lies on a plateau 263 feet above Lake Ontario, is built on both sides of the river, and almost in the centre of the city are the Upper Falls of the Genesee. There are two falls within the city limits. Midway through Rochester runs the Genesee, which is spanned by 10 bridges within the city limits, the middle one of which, built of stone, is enclosed by stores on both sides, but the others, of iron construction on stone piers, are open, affording beautiful and diversified views of the river, particularly from Driving Park Avenue bridge, whence can be seen a winding gorge nearly 200 feet deep. The sides of this show several distinct geological strata revealing the gradual formation of the earth, the red Me dina sandstone being plainly visible as it rises from the water's edge for more than half the height of the precipice, when it gives place to successive layers of green shale, limestone, hem atite iron ore, green and purple shale, and finally a topmost crust of limestone, all belonging to the Upper Silurian Age. At the point referred to are the Lower Falls, about 8eet 0 f high, a curtain of water most beautiful, though less im posing, than the principal cataract, two miles further back in the centre of the city, from which, with its sheer descent of 96 feet, Sam Patch (q.v.) jumped to his death in 1829.

Barge Cartel— Crossing the city from east to west is the new Barge Canal winch succeeds the Erie Canal constructed in and which for many years after its construction was the great highway of commerce through the State.

The old canal crossed the river by means of an aqueduct of fine proportions, built of Lockport limestones at a cost of $600,000. The canal at this point is 506 feet above sea-level tide-water. The Barge Canal passes through the city about three miles to the south of the old canal and has a commodious harbor in conjunction with the Genesee River. The river is dammed for this purpose a little south of the Court Street Bridge.

Parks.— The Rochester park commission was created in I N.:, since when work has been done so judiciously by the aid of the best land scape architects and nurserymen, taking ad vantage of the rolling lands that were ob tainable, that few cities present so attractive an appearance in this regard. The total area of park territory is 1,649 acres, and the five largest parks, in their order, are Durand-East man, Genesee Valley, Seneca, Maplewood and Highland. Highland Park contains one of the finest arboretums in the country, and Durand Eastman Park is located on Lake Ontario, and has the advantages of forest, field and Public Buildings.— There are four well equipped hospitals, the General, Saint Mary's, Hommopathic and Hahnemann; a Municipal Hospital for contagious diseases, Iola Sani tarium for tubercular patients, Infants' Summer Hospital at Lake Ontario, the insane asylum or State Hospital, the County Hospital for free patients and a splendidly equipped dental dis pensary, the gift of some of Rochester's public spirited citizens. There are numerous hotels, many of them new and modern, of which the largest are the Powers, Rochester, Seneca, Whitcomb and the Osburn. Of late years, apartment houses have become popular and many have been built or are in process of con struction. There are several theatres and mo firm picture houses, most prominent of which are the Lyceum, Temple, Family, Fay, Gayety, Piccadilly, Regent, Gordon and Rialto.

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