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expedition, indian, disturbances and territory

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Expedition against Northern Indians. Wash. ington Territory.

Navajo expedition, New Mexico.

Spokane and other Indian troubles, Wash. ington Territory.

1838-1859 Wichita Indian troubles, Indian Territory. 1859 Colorado River expedition. California. Pecos expedition. Texas.

Antelope Hill expedition, Texas.

Bear River expedition. Utah.

San Juan trouble, Washington Territory. John Brown raid. Virginia.

1859-1860 Cortina troubles. Texas and Mexican border. 1860 Piute expedition. California.

Kiowa and Comanche expedition, Indian Ter. ritory.

Carson expedition. Utah.

Bannock Indian Massacre, Snake River, Idaho.

1860-1861 Navajo Indian expedition.

1861-1890 Apache Indian wars and troubles, New Mexico and Arizona.

1861-1866 Civil War.

1862 New Ulm Indian massacres, Minnesota.

1862-1867 Sioux Indian wars, Minnesota and Dakota. 1863-1869 War against Indians in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Indian Territory.

1863 The Draft Riots.

1865-1868 Indian wars in Oregon. Idaho, California and Nevada.

1865-1866 Fenian raid, Canadian border.

1866-1870 Ku-Klux disturbances, Southern States. 1867-1881 Campaign against Lipan, Kiowa. Kickapoo and Comanche Indians.

1868-1869 Canadian River expedition, New Mexico. 1871 Yellowstone expedition.

Fenian disturbances on the Manitoba frontier. 1872 Yellowstone expedition, Dakota.

1872-1873 Modoc campaign.

1873 Yellowstone expedition, Dakota. 1874-1875 Campaign in Indian Territory.

Insurrection against Governor R. D. Kellogg, Louisiana.

1874 Sioux Indian expedition, Wyoming and Ne.


Black Hills expedition, Dakota.

Big Horn expedition. Wyoming.

Race riots at Austin, Miss., and Trenton, Tenn.

187.5 Eastern Nevada expedition.

1876 Sioux expedition, Dakota (Custer Massacre).

Powder River expedition, Wyoming.

Massacre of negro militiamen by whites, Ham. Nam S. C.

1876-1877 Big Horn and Yellowstone expeditions, Mon tana and Wyoming.

1876-1879 War against Northern Cheyenne and Sioux Indian& 1877 Nes Perce campaign.

1878 Bannock and Piute campaigns.

Ute expedition, Colorado. 1879ter Indian troubles, Idaho.

1879-1894 Boomers " and Cherokee Strip disturbances.

1879-1880 Ute Indian campaign, Colorado and Utah. 1885 Chinese miner disturbances. Wyonung. 1890-1891 Siodx Indian disturbances. South Dakota. 1891-1893 The " Tin Horn War." Texas and Mexican border.

1892-1896 Trouble with renegade Apaches. Arizona and Mexican border.

1894 Co:eyes Commonweal and other industrial army disturbances.

1898-1899 War with Spain.

1898 Chippewa Indian disturbances. Leech Lake, Minn.

1899-1902 Insurrection in Philippine Islands.

1900 Boxer Rebellion.

1903-1904 The Colorado mine disturbances.

1906-1909 Pacification of Cuba.

1914 Capture of Vera Cruz.

1912-1919 Mexican Border Patrol.

1917-1919 War with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

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